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Benefits of using divine home care

Our services ...

Divine Care Group provides a variety of services to assist with the activities of daily living, giving you additional peace of mind and your family member the dignity and comfort they deserve.

In-Home Care Companionship

Our home care companionship services offer not just assistance with daily tasks, but also invaluable emotional support, companionship, and friendship.

24-Hour Emergency Coverage

We provide flexible 24 hour coverage for your loved for any needs you may have.

Running Daily Errands

Do you need help with basic errands such as shopping, mail runs etc; then you can count on us to help alleviate that burden

Meal Preparations

Does your loved one have special nutrition needs or just isn’t able to prepare meals? We have skilled nutritionists who are ready to help

Dressing & Bathing Assistance

Do you have vulnerable family members who are incapable of taking care of themselves? We have readily available compassionate professionals who can provide the much needed assistance.

Respite Care For Families

Providing care for an aging parent, a child with special needs, or a family member with a chronic illness, can often feel overwhelming. This is where weΒ  step in, offering the much-needed relief and support for the family.

Why families continue to trust us

We are Focused on Making a difference Positively in the Home Care, Longevity Living Space. When this is done well everything else Follows suite.


Embracing modern practices to deliver cutting-edge home care solutions.

Compassionate Care

A philosophy rooted in empathy, ensuring our clients receive not just care but genuine compassion.

Community Engagement

Actively involved in community initiatives, contributing to the betterment of society.

Professional Growth

Offering caregivers opportunities for career advancement and personal development.

How to get started with us …

Partner with us …

Join us in our mission to help the vulnerable people in the community.

We believe everyone deserves to live a decent quality of life no matter their circumstances and we take it as an honor to be doing this service for the community.

At Divine Care Group LLC, we don’t just provide home care;
We Strive to make every day for our clients the β€œbest day ever.”
Let’s be your next success partners.


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